My name is Ulysses Maclaren and I am the General Manager of SSW, a custom software development company in Sydney, Australia with about 40 employees. We have 4 offices, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and a small one in Beijing.

The idea behind this blog is to allow me to shed some light on the challenges associated with running a company as the 2nd in charge, and also to hopefully help out others who may be new to a similar position and who may be able to gain from my experiences.

General Manager is a very broad term, and in my case includes Scrum Master and Product Owner for multiple dev and business teams, Sales and Account Manager, as well as State and Office Manager for NSW.

I have been very impacted by a number of business books that I have read, so a lot of the ideas presented here are not originally my own, and may just be my take on the work of others… in which case I will cite my sources.

To connect with me, please add me on LinkedIn or Facebook

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